MLS - Special Developments

Anti-Graffiti Coatings

GraffitiMillions are spent annually in order to remove graffiti from vehicles or buildings. However, very often the graffiti cannot be removed completely.

MLS offers the solution: An innovative, practically VOC-free thin-coat system on a SILAN-basis with air-drying features.

The endangered surfaces may be protected in such a way that graffiti with either felt-tip pens or spray paint may be removed completely without residue or any visible shadows. Even repeated cleaning does not affect the coating.

vorher nachher

Chromate-free wash-primers are replaced by virtually VOC-free systems with significantly improved features. The new MLS technologies also offer successful solutions for thin-coat primers for aluminum.


Result after 1500 h saltspraying test DIN50021. with approx. 16 µm dry thickness.

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